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About Us

We want to deliver to you the true flavor and scent of cacao beans.
ICHIJI was born out of this desire.

When this desire took shape,
it became “Bean to Bar Chocolate”,
where the entire process of manufacturing chocolate
happens within the company’s workshop.

After purchasing the beans, all the sorting, roasting, grinding, blending,
and molding is done by hand.

Enjoy “Beans to Bar Chocolate”,
which we are sure will change your perception of what chocolate is.


Quality beans are carefully selected from well-known production regions of cocoa beans.
You can choose from 12 types of chocolate, a combination of 4 countries of origin and 3 types of flavors
※We are continually pursuing the best quality. Currently we import from four countries: Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania, and Ghana.

First of all, please choose the origin of the cacao beans.

4 countries of origin

  • HaitiA faint fruitiness,
    with the fragrance and sweetness of almonds
    Cacao content
    Roasting temperature
    Roasting time
  • Trinidad & TobagoA smooth flavor like butter,
    with the scent of a forest
    Cacao content
    Roasting temperature
    Roasting time
  • TanzaniaFruity and
    slightly sour
    Cacao content
    Roasting temperature
    Roasting time
  • GhanaThe sweetness of a ripe fruit
    and a nutty fragrance
    Cacao content
    Roasting temperature
    Roasting time

Next, please choose a flavor. (The difference in flavor is shown by the color of the box)

3 types of flavors

  • CONCHEA deliciousness that matches
    the type of cacao beans
  • CRUNCHYA crunchy texture created with
    the addition of cacao nibs
  • BITTERA bitter flavor
    with a cacao content of 85%

Gift Packages

We offer packages for gifts.
Your thoughts to that special someone will be wrapped in a Tosa Washi paper with an ocean wave design, tied with red and white cords.

※ Small boxes (beige / dark red / black) and paper bags are free


“Bean to Bar Chocolate” is created from the entire process of cacao beans becoming chocolate.
We bring out the true flavor and fragrance of cacao beans and create each one carefully.

Step 1. Purchasing
ICHIJI chooses and selects the highest quality cacao beans
from all over the world.

Step 2. Sorting
The beans arrive in bags made of hemp,
and are manually sorted one by one by shape, size and condition.

Step 3. Roasting
The beans are roasted based on the origin and characteristics.

Step 4. Grinding
The roasted beans are crushed coarsely.

Step 5. Wind sorting
Wind power is used to separate the fruit (cacao nib)
from the seed coat.

Step 6. Manual sorting
Any remaining seed coat
will be removed carefully by hand.

Step 7. Pulverizing / mixing
The cacao nibs are ground into fine powder,
after which sugar is added.

Step 8. Temperature control
The chocolate is made so that it is glossy
and doesn’t melt easily.

Step 9. Molding
The chocolate is poured into a mold
and any air bubbles are removed.

Step 10. Sealing
The chocolate is removed from the mold,
vacuum-sealed and packed into boxes.

The entire process, along with all manufacturing
and management up to this point is done at our company’s own workshop.

Café Menu

There is a café space within the store for you to relax.
Everything on the menu is authentic, to match ICHIJI’s Bean to Bar Chocolates.
Please enjoy ICHIJI’s carefully selected menu to your heart’s content.

※All prices include tax.


All drinks include bean to bar chocolate.

ICHIJI Select Coffee from

Coffee beans are purchased from specialty coffee shop “TAOCA COFFEE”.
Each cup is brewed carefully by hand drip.
Enjoy the top-quality flavor of a product that has received high ratings even by international standards.
  • Hot Coffee/¥756 each ・from Kiambu, Kenya ・from Santa Clara, Guatemala
    ・from Carmo Estate, Brazil
  • Iced Coffee/¥756

ICHIJI Original Chocolate Drink

A drink made with a generous amount of ICHIJI’s Bean to Bar Chocolate.
It is our café’s most popular drink.
  • Hot Chocolate Drink/¥864
  • Iced Chocolate/¥972 ※Available only during summer

ICHIJI Select Tea from “Uf-fu”

We have selected tea leaves from the tea specialty store “Uf-fu”.
Enjoy the fragrance of the original all-natural tea with no use of artificial fragrances.
  • Hot Tea/¥756 each・Nilgiri ・Ceylon Uva ・Earl Grey
  • Iced Tea/¥756

ICHIJI Select Soft Drinks

  • 100% Orange Juice/¥540
  • Ginger ale/¥540

ICHIJI Selcet Alcohol

ICHIJI’s Bean to Bar Chocolate goes very well with alcohol.
We encourage you to try it for yourself.
  • Red wine/¥1,08090% France Saint-émillion Merlot,
    10% Cabernet Franc
  • White wine/¥1,080France Bourgogne Chardonnay
  • Sparkling wine/¥1,080France Loire Chenin Blanc 100%
  • Beer/¥864YEBISU Beer

ICHIJI Select Scones with “Jersey butter”

Our scones are made with rich, flavorful flour from England and authentic Jersey butter,
made from completely lineage-controlled raw milk.
Fragrant and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, it has a bouncy texture.
Scone/¥864 (comes with Jersey butter and jam)

ICHIJI Select Quiche from “Kobe Kondo-tei Quiche ya”

A “household food tart” which is a local cuisine from the Alsace region of France.
You can have it as a light snack or have it with wine.
Quiche Lorraine/¥864Blue cheese quiche, Quiche of the day/¥972 each

ICHIJI Original Sweets

A dessert made with a generous amount of ICHIJI’s Bean to Bar Chocolate.
You can flavor the crunchy and fragrant cacao nib.
  • Semifreddo/¥540
  • Parfait/¥864

Take-away menu other than chocolate

Carefully selected from Jersey, a purveyor of British kings, by ICHIJI. You can enjoy these products in the café as well.


Authentic Jersey butter manufactured in Jersey. Produced from the raw milk from approximately 3000 completely lineage-controlled Jersey cattle. It is known to be creamy with a strong flavor, and full of carotene.

2 types – unsalted and salted – are available.
The unsalted type is best with simple bread and scones, as it allows you to enjoy the flavor and depth of the Jersey butter. We also recommend mixing it with pastry dough, or take advantage of its creaminess and use it to make buttercream or raisin butter.
The salted type has a solid salty flavor, which, combined with the flavor of Jersey butter, brings out the flavor of bread. It is recommended for dishes such as seafood sauté or buttered potatoes.


This is a traditional Jersey gem that has been loved and cherished from olden times. Apples and cinnamon are cooked to create this unique flavor. In Jersey, anything that is in a paste form is called “butter”, and therefore apple jam is also called black butter. Black butter is a traditional delicacy of a Jersey farm.
※ It is called black butter but does not include any dairy products.


【Cranberry】Whole cranberries cooked with Pinot Noir – a true gem.

【Raspberry】Enjoy the texture and sweet and sour flavor of raspberry.

【Strawberry】The perfect choice for when you’re tired of trying new things. This staple product is loved by everyone.

【Marmalade】You will be drawn to the rich yet refreshing and slightly bitter flavor of orange peel.

【Cider & chili】A new type of jam, spicy from the chili added to an apple jam base.

(Plain & Chocolate)

Our scones are made with flavorful flour from England and authentic Jersey butter. It is fragrant and crunchy on the outside, soft with a rich flavor on the inside. Please enjoy it with jam and butter from Jersey Island.


Please make yourself comfortable. A smoking room is also available.


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